About Us

Flo Athletica was born out of…frustration.

Frustration because I couldn’t find athletic wear that I loved.

Frustration because, when I did, it was low quality.

Frustration because I was sick of buying a shirt, and then seeing 5 other people at the gym wearing the same one.

So, I started designing and manufacturing athletic wear for myself, and my friends. Clothing that is not only premium, but also limited. Like, SUPER limited.

And now here we are. Making those items for you.

Our mission is simple: To build a community.

[I know, I know, isn’t that what every brand says?]

But sincerely, when I close my eyes, all I imagine is a widespread community of people with similar values and positive energy. People who value health, fun, and connection. People who are a positive influence on the ones they love - and the ones they don’t even know.

That’s exactly who the brand is for. People who care.

About fitness and health, sure, but also about the humans around them. And if you’re here, that’s probably you. You’re probably someone who shares our values, and that’s pretty damn cool.

So, grab your surfboard. Let’s ride this wave together.